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From Burlington Ontario Dentist Dr. Long Vo:

As a father, husband, and a member of a family with three generations of dentists, I welcome you to our Smile Centre Dental Website. Let me share some of my background:

After immigrating to Canada, my parents worked hard to make ends meet. As a result I got away with a few things like eating candy for dinner. I was the kid with multiple root canals, stainless steel crowns, and bottled-milk decay. I remember clearly how it felt to have all that work done at the age of 4.

So how do you do a root canal on a 4 year old? Is that even possible? Fortunately for me, Mommy was my dentist. With her patience, understanding, and gentleness she helped me through it all. It was “Us” versus the “Sugar Bugs” and we won the battle! She has taught me that magical things can happen when you treat your patients as you would a loved one.

After my parents’ divorce in 2003, family has become even more important to me. Putting their differences aside, they made great efforts to be a part of our lives. As a father of three, I diligently strive to be their #1 Daddy. I want my kids to avoid going through what I went through with my teeth but if they ever need extensive work, then at least it would be a fun journey.

Our mission goes beyond fixing teeth. Raising awareness for important causes within our community, helping neighbours, friends, and family stay healthy is so much more important and rewarding.

Here’s to your great health.